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ALDive in Dominica

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About Dominica's Turtles
ALDIVE's Adventurous...
Turtle  Expeditions

     Whale & Dolphin DEEP SEA EXPEDITION

Our territorial waters are home to sperm whales, dwarf and pigmy sperm whales and seven species of dolphin, including the short fin pilot whale, pan tropical spotted dolphins and the rare Fraser's dolphin. Brydes and Humpback whales are two migratory species that call Dominica home from November to April.  However, we see sperm whales and dolphins all year round.


ALDive's "DEEP SEA EXPEDITION" begins with an on-shore briefing. On this specialized patented 3 ˝ hour tour we head out by boat in search of "adventurous" encounters with life at sea. Weather permiting, we venture into the mighty Atlantic Ocean or stay on the calmer Caribbean Sea . Although we generally stay within 3 miles off-shore, we sometimes view the island from a “little” farther out and point out geographical features and mountain peaks. We may take a hydrophone to listen for any sounds that are not "man-made."  Visitors may also get a chance to hear the clicking and whistling sounds made by whales and dolphins (if we do encounter them). We explain why we keep some distance, why we approach them from certain directions and why we sometimes shut off boat engines. 



US $57.50 per person
(Rates for locals available)

•  Minimum 4 adults

•  Kids under 6 - FREE

•  Kids under 12 - Half-price


Kids MUST be accompanied
by parent or guardian!

Prices subject to change due
to taxes, fees, permits & levies.



Please Inquire about

We look out for whales, dolphins, fish and turtles. We stop to observe and identify sea birds, wave at passing "yachties" or chat with local fishermen about their day's catch. We may even throw a line overboard and maybe catch some dinner. And, there is usually a brilliant sunset at the end of the day.
Our boats are equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and ALL safety equipment required by International Maritime.


Information logged is vital to various organizations such as CARIBwhale and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) conduct periodic research into indigenous marine populations; our findings are allowed to be incorporated into their reports.


We reserve the right to cancel tours due to weather, vessel safety and unforeseen circumstances.


ALDive Scuba Diving and W.A.T.E.R. Sports adheres to the Marine Mammal Codes of Conduct:
a modified compilation of existing international regulations.


Welcome to ALDive Scuba Diving and W.A.T.E.R Sports, a small, family owned scuba diving & marine center located on the island of Dominica, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

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