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Commonwealth of Dominica
Caribbean, West Indies


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ALDive in Dominica

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January to April is the dry season and, July to October usually brings wetter conditions. Although much cooler in the mountains, 75-85F all year round.

WATER TEMPERATURE: 70-80F year round.


When diving, 3mm neoprene shorties/full suits are comfortable.


Swimwear is NOT acceptable outside the Dive Centre.

For hiking, walking shoes/boots and raincoats are recommended for ventures through the rain forest.

In mountainous areas, lightweight, casual clothing may be worn all year round with sweaters/jackets for cooler evenings.


Certified divers must have proof of certification to participate in scuba diving. ALL certification agencies accepted. Log books and dive checks are also accepted.

The water is of good quality and safe to drink, however bottled water is widely available.

The island and operates on 220v, 110v is available at ALDive & W.A.T.E.R sports for use by customers.

ALDive & W.A.T.E.R. Sports has telephone and internet service.




Payments can be made in local EC (East Caribbean dollars), U.S. currency and EURO$.  Prices quoted on this site are US dollars.

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.  *Sender must pay for any and all bank transfer fees.



We will accept travelers checks as payment; however, in an effort not to cause inconvenience, we reserve the right to electronically debit your account if this item comes back dishonored, plus a $25 processing fee (or legal limit) and any applicable fees.


The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (E.C) is the locally used currency.
The exchange rate at the Banks is E.C. $ 2.7169 per U.S.$ cash and U.S. $ travelers cheques. 
Euro currency, British pounds and U.S. cash currency are widely accepted around the island.


Most Hotel, restaurants, car rentals and tour operators accept MasterCard and Visa as well as traveler's cheques.


Deposit of 25% to confirm.
Cancellation more than 07 days = full refund of deposit.
Cancellation from 4 days = 50% refund of deposit.
Cancellation less than 3 days = No refund.


About Dominica

Caribbean, West Indies


The island's landscape, created during a distant past as well as a current active volcanic period, consists of extremely precipitous rugged mountains and rain forest terrain. The climate is spring-like; the sun is either shining or it is raining. Hardly a day goes by that one does not experience a shower and several rainbows.

The  island is 29 miles long and 16 miles across at its widest points. 365 rivers interlace the forests; there are a multitude of waterfalls, some falling hundreds of feet. The highest mountain is 4,746 feet tall.  All is surrounded by the often tumultuous Atlantic Ocean on the east and the composed Caribbean Sea on the west. The majority of Dominica's beaches are black sand due to the island's volcanic upbringing. Dominica, a part of Caribbean West Indies series if islands, is flanked closely by Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south.


Known as the Nature Island, Dominica supports 3 National Parks / Forest Reserves that provide a multitude of hiking trails & paths (ranging from easy to very challenging) leading to numerous waterfalls, a volcanic boiling lake, a freshwater lake, dormant volcanoes and other rain forest attractions. A Marine Reserve offers a rich abundance of reefs, corals, fishes and other marine life; some of the best scuba diving in the world is experienced here. Whales and porpoise frequent the surrounding sea.


Dominicaís people are friendly and happy with life -- facts concretely and continually demonstrated.  The islandís population is approximately 70,000.  Fish, fruit and vegetables provide everyday staples; the majority of citizens have gardens and, those that donít, can rely upon those neighbors that do.  Community markets, likewise, offer a wide variety of produce. Bananas, plantains, mangos, oranges, grapefruit, limes, pineapples and a variety of other fruits and vegetables support Dominicaís economy.




Welcome to ALDive Scuba Diving and W.A.T.E.R Sports, a small, family owned scuba diving & marine center located on the island of Dominica, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

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