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We avoid sites where there are other boats and are always looking for areas where there is less impact from divers.


Atlantic Side

...for the more adventurous diver -- These sites are located around the Scottshead Peninsular on the "rougher" south side of our island, between Dominica and Martinique. Expect more of everything in the Atlantic, including more challenging conditions.


Scottshead Soufriere Marine Reserve (SSMR)

The majority of our dives take place in this area, located just a few minutes boat ride from our base location. The Scottshead Soufriere Marine Reserve includes the deep sheltered waters of the bay.  Sites range from drop-offs and walls to pinnacles as well as shore dives.


Night Dive

For those real dive addicts and rare critter hunting photohogs who love a good night dive. Night dive sites include the Newtown Dropoff, Seaworld pinnacle and the Fort Young flats.  These sights are not dived regularly so look for Batfish, upside down jellyfish, octopus and more. 


Shore Dive

...our most affordable dive option! Our supervised dives include a "lifeguard" on duty and directions to our easily navigated reef providing a multitude of corals, fish and other sea life. Our shore dive area is highly rated  for micro-creatures by marine biologists


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Wreck Dive

Although Dominica is not known for wrecks, we know of a few that will satisfy the curiosity and adventurous needs of the avid wreck diver.


Central Island location Dives (West Coast)

Central island sites, near the mouth of the Canefield River, is the Canefield Tug Wreck. The 55-foot, well-preserved tug sits almost upright in 80 to 90 feet of water. It hosts sponges, gorgonians, tropical fish and, occasionally, seahorses. Farther up the coast is historic Rodney's Rock. This area brightens up the eyes of divers with its canyon-like features and a variety of marine life. Other west central sites include locations off Salisbury and Batalie Beach.


Northern Island location Dives (West Coast)
More good dive sites exist on the northern half of the island's west coast. At Coral Gardens North divers will find sponges and corals, including growths of black coral. Rina's Hole is one of the nicest shallow dives Dominica has to offer. Azure vase sponges supporting golden crinolds and rich finger corals are found at Maggie's Point on the central west coast.


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Southern Dominica & Atlantic Side

Southern Dominica





Central  Dominica

Central Dominica





Northern  Dominica

Northern Dominica


Welcome to ALDive Scuba Diving and W.A.T.E.R Sports, a small, family owned scuba diving & marine center located on the island of Dominica, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

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